‘Continental Cormorant’ P.c. sinensis

This individual was photographed at Draycote Water01-03/03/11 and was so distinctive it seems worth documenting. In direct comparison with several adult P.c.carbo and an immature which was not identified to sub-species (the immature of which was smaller than the adults) considerably smaller, estimated to be approximately 20% smaller than the P.c.carbo and reminiscent of a Eurasian Shag with a bill length recalling that species. This is small even for sinensis and would suggest the bird was a female, at the extreme end of the range.


Great Cormorant P.c.sinensis with P.c.carbo

The bill was distinctive, being short and thin with a concave upper mandible. The rear edge of the bare skin of the gular patch was of a less acute angle than P.c.carbo, the white area behind the gular pouch ran roughly parallel to the edge of the pouch and the yellow skin around the base of the bill was a dark ‘orangey yellow’

. GreatCormorant-2

Great Cormorant P.c.sinensis

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