Day Flying Bats

This bat was photographed in the Upper Leam Valley at 14.13 on 13/06/12. It appears to be a Noctule Bat and was watched feeding around a canal bridge for ten minutes or so. It was presumably forced out to feed during daylight by the persistent wet weather during the summer of 2012 and another day flying bat was filmed by a BBC Spring Watch viewer shortly before this date.


Large bat (presumed Noctule) Upper Leam Valley

I have seen day flying bats on several other occasions as follows: A Brown Long-eared Bat in spring at Edgehill Warks. The animal was in the garden of a large house under renovation and had presumably been disturbed by the building work (which pre-dated the legislation protecting bats and their roosts). A large bat at Napton Reservoir, Warks. in October which is likely to have been a Noctule. The sighting followed protracted heavy gales and it seems likely the animal was forced out in the middle of the afternoon through hunger (having been unable to feed at night). A large bat at Chesterton, Warks. in February which is also likely to have been a Noctule and which was observed in the early afternoon. A large bat seen in the early afternoon in Poland

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